Did you know? E-mail has been around longer than the World Wide Web.

On-Demand IT Administration

Permanently employing someone skilled enough to cover your IT infrastructure may not always be feasible. It doesn’t make sense for you either to involve in trial-and-error cycles in critical and demanding situations. So, here we are to help you when you need it most, on demand.

Setup & Testing

You want a customized software stack on your server, and you find that your server management team is not comfortable about thinking out of the frame. Now what? Rely on someone who puts your requirements well above the limitations set by the vendors.

Routine Maintenance

It takes more than automated port monitoring and scheduled root-kit scans to keep your servers functioning well. Keeping things up-to-date and looking out for possible bugs in your applications is a requirement if you are serious about your business. We work work side-by-side with the rest of your team.

Disaster Recovery

With or without preparation, disaster happens. We help you with rapid recovery in those unexpected situations. Further, we help you prepare your resources to avoid and minimize the sufferings from all future disasters.