Did you know? Nam June Paik coined the phrase "information superhighway" in 1974. Al Gore popularized the phrase in the early 1990ʼs.

Managed Servers

Getting the server infrastructure done right takes more than money. Hidden costs associated with pre-packaged express lane servers often exceed upfront price by several folds. It takes first-hand experience on up-to-date technologies and adequate research work for someone to plan the perfect IT environment for your business. And, that’s where we can help. We plan, build and maintain scalable and sustainabe IT infrastructure for small to medium businesses and individuals.

Corporate Servers

Past are those days to maintain in-house servers at your office. Let alone inter-branch operations, you need your servers hosted online to continue working on the move. Cost savings, accessibility and flexibility are what start defining the servers hosted on commercial data-centers. High-speed network, power backups and specialized facilities are the bare minimums.

Private Clusters

Isolating services (dns, database, web, mail) into separate systems while maintaining high-speed connectivity between the systems is often required to survive high traffic load. With solid virtualization technologies coupled with proper management tools, we enable you to operate your own cloud server clusters which can freely move around physical servers hosted at different locations.

Specialized Servers

Content distribution nodes (CDN), dedicated mail relays (for good purposes, of course), multimedia servers, static content nodes, and hybrid database servers are rare but not uncommon today. When you have the requirement, we have the open arsenal of technologies to build it. What more? We integrate your new system with rest of your resources, and then we help you maintain it.