Did you know? The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute.

Bespoke Online Applications

One size doesn’t fit all when it’s about something superior and different than an average CMS or blog. Ready-made web applications are often filled up with features you don’t need at all. When your idea is unique, most likely those applications will lack some of the critical features you need. No doubt, plugins can drop in some features, but they can’t turn a mule into a horse.

Built for the Job

Your specifications are strictly followed throughout every phase of development. From architecture to finer UI details, every component of the system sing your song. This ensures that you get everything you need, and not a single thing that you don’t.

It’s not necessary to built every part of the system from scratch. Best tools and open technologies are carefully evaluated and reused at your advantage. Thus, we ensure highest quality and meet demanding deadlines at the same time.

Fast & SEO Friendly

Search Engine Manipulation (SEM) is a different topic, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making your content accessible to the search engines at their finest detail. In our custom-built applications, we enable complete control over the content of your website. We build SEO friendly content layout and URL structure from inside the core.

When it comes to UI, wherever possible, we use cross-browser compatible markups; We prefer vectors over images and scripts over Flash.

Scalable & Extensible

Smart MVC pattern and modular programming in our systems enable addition or modification of new features a breeze. Underlying database structure are built and documented with live diagrams.

Use of robust frameworks and abstraction at key integration points keeps the door open to scaling the system as needed in future. We keep our codes short, clean and well organized. No matter who carries out future development, going through our work is open, easy and fun for every competent programmer out there.